Verified Commit cf66845c authored by Dmytro Bogatov's avatar Dmytro Bogatov 💕


parent 883fc94e
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ merge-from-overleaf:
stage: .pre
- git remote add overleaf https://$OVERLEAF_EMAIL:$$OVERLEAF_REPO || true
- git remote add origin2 "https://gitlab-ci-token:$PAT@$CI_SERVER_HOST/$CI_PROJECT_PATH.git"
- git remote add origin2 "https://gitlab-ci-token:$PAT@$CI_SERVER_HOST/$CI_PROJECT_PATH.git" || true
- git pull overleaf $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH
- git push origin2 HEAD:$CI_COMMIT_BRANCH
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